Weight Loss Coaching for New Moms

Tired of looking in the mirror and not loving what you see?

Being a mom is challenging. It makes sense you’re turning to food to cope. Overcoming nightly cravings and finally losing the baby weight likely seems overwhelming and time consuming. But you’re also ready to lose weight for good and get your pre-baby body back. You want it to feel easy and natural, and not at all like a diet. This is absolutely possible. I’m here to help. Let’s get you back to feeling and looking like you again.

About Corey

I used to think food was the only fun in life.

As a born and raised foodie, my love for food runs deep. I know the struggle of being in the pantry every night double fisting  chocolate chips thinking the problem was me. The truth is  food cravings are easier than I ever thought to overcome. I can teach you too. Get my free guide to kick night time cravings after the baby goes to bed. 

Work with me

This is not another diet plan.

As a certified weight loss coach and expert I help you lose baby weight for good. I use coaching to get to the root of your problem so that the baby weight stays off. The diet industry has failed you by offering you solutions that aren’t sustainable long term. We work on what is actually keeping you from losing weight by teaching you how to create healthy habits even as a busy new mom. Getting back in your skinny jeans is absolutely possible. 


Real Clients

Corey’s the best. I can vouch for her coaching skills. She’s top level. Listen to her. Hire her. She’s got you mama. 


These tools have genuinely changed my life! I have control over food now, instead of it having control over me. I’ve been able to maintain my ideal weight for a year now. Thanks to the principles I’ve learned from Corey.


As someone who has used food to numb her emotions for the better part of her life, the tools Corey teaches really resonate with me. This work is for any LDS mom who doesn’t want to feel out of control with food anymore. 


You are not the problem.

If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and not loving the body you see, I’ve got you. Let’s make weight loss simple and easy so that you can keep up with the demands of motherhood while looking bomb in your swimsuit. The body you had before kids can be yours again. I can show you how. 

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